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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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for gingrich. the victory in florida now gives mitt romney a chance to farmly establish himself as the front-runner. danielle nottingham has the latest from tampa. >> reporter: the polls are closed here in florida. we are live at mitt romney's headquarters in tampa where the crowd was just counting down to the official closing of the polls in the state. they were screaming "mitt, mitt, mitt" a second ago. cbs news projects a sizable win for mitt romney tonight. cbs news projects mitt romney is the winner of the florida republican primary and all of its 50 delegates. it's romney's second win and the largest delegate hall so far in the 2012 campaign. >> hi, i'm mitt romney. how are you? >> >> reporter: romney campaigned until the last second to win votes working the phones at his tampa headquarters as the balloting got under way. but it was an expensive
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campaign. romney and his supporters spent more than $14 million on tv ads. >> if you're attacked i'm not going to sit back. i'm going to fight back and fight back hard. >> reporter: a loss in florida would be a quick about-face for gingrich, who led in the polls here after winning south carolina just 10 days ago. he says no matter how he finishes, he will continue his campaign. >> how close is this to being over, mr. speaker? >> i would say probably six months, june or july, unless romney drops out earlier. >> reporter: voters said the economy was by far the most important issue in the race. according to exit polls, half of those who responded said foreclosures were a major problem in their area. debates were a factor. two-thirds said they helped make up their minds. a third of voters faulted romney and a third faulted gingrich for running the most unfair campaign. rick santorum and ron paul effectively ceded florida to
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campaign in other states and are among to fighted on. nevada's caucuses are on saturday. again, we're live here at mitt romney's headquarters, a big crowd behind me. supporters waiting for mitt romney to take the stage tonight. again, moments ago they were screaming mitt, mitt, mitt. they're still cheering off and on now with the news that mitt romney has won the florida primary. live in tampa, florida, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >> again, cbs news projects mitt romney as the winner florida. so the battle now moves to nevada ahead of the state's saturday caucuses. he won big there in 2008. newt gingrich will be banking on the tea party to give his campaign a little steam in nevada. but there's not a lot of optimism there. a gingrich staffer told cnn today the campaign is lowering expectations for most of the
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february contests. instead, they are looking ahead to march, when many southern states will begin to weigh in. stay with cbs 5 for more coverage. florida primary. we'll bring you the latest numbers as they update during this newscast. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is at 5:30 and you can find live election results on our website, an ordinary stroll became a shocking experience for a man walking his dogs literally. a federal park ranger used a stun gun on him. mark sayre on the moments leading up to that confrontation. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, so far the details of what happened here are mainly coming from witnesses. the national park service saying it is investigating the actions of one of its rangers. reporter: >> what he said was, are you going to arrest me? >> reporter: john bartlett says he was out on his usual walk on the old san pedro road trail when he came across what turned out to be a very dramatic encounter. >> next thing i heard was a shot what sounded like a shot to me. i have never heard anything
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like it before. and i heard a shout, a scream of agony from this man and he fell flat on his back. >> reporter: the man who was tasered by a ranger with the national park service has been identified as gary hesterberg of montera. the confrontation apparently began because hesterberg had one of his dogs off leash. but by the time bartlett arrived, the situation deteriorated. did the man look threatening to you? >> he seemed defiant but he wasn't -- i had no thought that he was going to go at it. no, he was going away from him. >> reporter: he didn't lunge at him? >> no. he wanted to scuffle off. >> reporter: big and peggy run the montera dog group. >> it made me really frightened. you know? for the first time in my life, to be frightened about walking my dogs in the open space.
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>> reporter: bartlett says he still can't believe what he saw. >> for the sake of a leash on a dog you get shot?! that's ridiculous! >> reporter: now, members of the local dog community here are questioning whether this even occurred on federal land but a spokesman fortunate park service says they do believe that it did occur on a newly acquired piece of property now run by the national park service. that park ranger remains on duty while this investigation is continuing. reporting live in montera, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. $17,000 is offered to help find the killer who gunned down a father of five. kenneth warren was shot several times outside this apartment in berkeley last week. it was the city's first homicide of the year. police say warren had just finished working at a barbershop next door when he was shot several times. more than a dozen bullets struck the front of the house. tonight, a former los angeles public school teacher is behind bars accused of abusing 23 children.
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police say that mark burns' victims ranged from 6 and 10 years old. they say that they discovered nearly 400 photos showing lewd acts with children. police say some assaults took place inside burns' classroom during school hours. san francisco police are trying to make an example out of four men who went on a robbery spree armed with a pellet gun. three people were held up late friday night into early saturday morning. in each case, police say the suspects surrounded their victims and used the real- looking pellet gun to steal credit cards and cell phones. >> the crime itself is very serious. it's a series of robberies that, you know, shows the real utter disrespect for people. >> police asked for and received a high bail of $2.3 million. prosecutors hope it sends a message to other people thinking about committing similar crimes. bay area police sergeant is learning a lesson the hard way. be careful what you post online or in a tweet. christin ayers shows us why he
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is in trouble over one tweet. reporter: his name is mike rood, a sergeant with oakland police department in trouble over a single tweet. >> we were made aware of a post on twitter by one of our police sergeants that was controversial. >> reporter: it was directed at the president of ultimate fighting championship whose website had just been defaced by "anonymous." his response, get those hacking blanks. i'm a cop in the bay area. i would go at them with both guns. >> fighting words that quickly set off "anonymous." >> there's been a lot of traffic on facebook and on twitter regarding the comments. >> reporter: the tweet went viral. a rallying cry sparking an avalanche of complaints from across the country on the richmond police facebook page. in his tweet, he expresses his desire to use firearms to deal with problematic people, says one complaint. i fear for the safety of the citizens of richmond. >> we're taking it under consideration and just seeing
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whether it's a violation of policy. >> reporter: critics want him to face criminal charges for a threat but a legal expert says that's unlikely. california penal code punishes, quote, any more than willfully threatens to commit a crime but only if that threat is immediate and specific. the officer's twitter page has been deleted and richmond police's facebook page locked. she says rood's tweet will be checked with the department's code of conduct. a policy is now in the works. >> we need to come up with a policy that will reflect favorably upon our department. >> reporter: in references christin ayers, cbs 5. -- in richmond, christin ayers, cbs 5. the old route is breathtaking and dangerous so we'll go inside the new devil's slide tunnel as an important milestone is made next. >> a serious look at your sense of humor. dr. kim breaks down the new research giving us insight into a child's mind. and a car worth a million bucks? who is behind the wheel of this ride that's making it worth the cash.
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the city of oakland is seeking stay-away orders against more than 100 repeat "occupy" protestors to keep them out of the downtown area. but it might not do much to discourage them. "occupiers" say they are already planning another day of action for monday. protesting the police response to saturday's demonstration. our exclusive eyewitness news poll asked what you think of the police response to the protestors. 28% say police have been too harsh. but take a look, 68% believed either police got it right or could have been even tougher on the protestors. meantime, oakland city leaders are picking up where they left off after "occupy" protestors shut down last week's special meeting on the budget cuts. they are looking for places to cut back in an effort to save both money and jobs. that meeting starts in 20 minutes. an important milestone today for the new devil's slide
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tunnel. the cement for the southbound lanes is done and today, they began pouring cement in the northbound lanes. patrick sedillo takes us inside that tunnel with a progress report and an estimate on when that tunnel is going to open. reporter: >> paving the roads, hooking up all the systems, the lights. >> reporter: it's almost done. after nearly four years, the one-mile shortcut through "the devil's own," one of the most breathtaking and danger roadways in california, caltrans is putting the finishing touches on the devil's slide tunnels. >> this is the last of the major milestones. >> reporter: these grooves used to go across the lanes and that was the bump sound would you hear when you go through a tunnel. now they are done in the same direction as traffic for a quieter smoother ride. cement trucks leave their payloads then it is smoothed over by a giant troweler and it takes a little longer to dry than the average carport. >> basically a day for personnel to walk on it. but we like to have it set up for three to four days before
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we get any vehicles over it and for heavy vehicles, about a week. >> reporter: there are over 1,000 lights, even a bike lane. these are made of metal with a baked enamel finish sort of like the washer and dryer at home for easy cleaning. >> all the unknowns were done. when we were doing the excavating and blasting we encountered unknown conditions but now that those are done, there really aren't any more unknowns. >> reporter: barring any unforeseen circumstances, caltrans says the tunnel should be ready for the public by the end of 2012. reporting from devil's slide tunnel, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. air quality at your fingertips. the new smartphone app that has you breathing easier. >> inside a child's brain. what makes a person laugh? the new discoveries about our sense of humor.
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here's a look at the latest returns from the florida primary tonight. 61% of the precincts are reporting now and mitt romney is holding a commanding lead. 48% over newt gingrich's 31%. rick santorum, ron paul battling for third but this is a winner-take-all 50 delegates at stake in florida but romney with the commanding lead.
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more than 10 hours after they started, some kaiser permanente hospital workers are still on the picket lines right now. they staged a strike over an ongoing contract dispute. the negotiations actually involve only a few thousand employees statewide. clinical psychologists, optometrists and social workers but nurses and other staff are joining them in support. >> that's just the way we do things. we stand up for our union workers. >> hospital workers say kaiser continues to propose cuts to their healthcare and retirement benefits despite record profits. the strike is set to last until 7 a.m. tomorrow. kaiser filling the temporary void with replacement workers. investors getting some welcome news from greece today. leaders say they are one step from finalizing a deal to write off half of their privately held debt. the next step to ensure those bailout loans continues is to focus on budget cuts. u.s. stocks mostly flat today. the dow dropped 20 points on
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news that consumer confidence fell unexpectedly this month. both the nasdaq and the s&p 500 finished with negligible gains. a north bay family's last- ditch effort to save their home is working. at least for now. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains what led to their eight-year battle with one of the california's biggest banks. reporter: >> shame on you, wells fargo! shame on you! >> reporter: it's not every day that homeowners march to their bank demanding a loan modification but that's the oakland option linda and jerome say they have left if they want to save of their home. >> all we're asking for is a fair modification. that's all we're asking for. >> reporter: jerome says it all started back this 2004 when he took out a mortgage from world savings bank. >> we told them we needed a 30- year fixed mortgage including our property tax and our insurance. >> reporter: and that's what he thought he got but after making his first payment he realized something was wrong. >> i saw that there was no principal reduction. >> reporter: and that's when he
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contacted his loan officer, who refused to help. within five years, their monthly mortgage payment jumped from $1,800 to $4,200. >> we knew that this was not what we asked for. >> reporter: like thousands of homeowners, the family was given a pick a pay loan from world savings bank now known as predatory lending. >> they targeted these loans at elderly people, on fixed incomes and people who didn't really understand what was going on. >> reporter: this housing advocate says banks like world savings and wachovia often took advantage of these loans by offering homeowners the option of making low monthly payments. but in reality the payments eventually skyrocketed. >> they thought the initial payment was going to be the fixed rate payment forever and lo and behold it turns out it's not. >> reporter: the lofton's bad loan is now owned by wells fargo and even though they're good candidates, the bank continues to refuse modification. >> if i'm in a position to pay and you're in a position to help me stay in my home, why
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can't we work together? >> reporter: so as a last resort they are hoping to shed light on their fight. >> we talked to someone. they say they're going to work with us. and every time we get a note, sorry. you're declined. >> reporter: wells fargo has agreed to postpone auctioning off their home for 30 days while the bank reviews the loan once again. pick a pay loans are not given out by banks anymore. >> so frustrating. >> it is. i think he put it great. listen, we have the money. we want to work with you. help us out. we'll let you know if they get the modification. >> thank you. well, when is a used car worth a million bucks? when a previous owner is the president of the united states. the 2005 chrysler would normally sell for under $20,000. then senator obama leased it but got rid of the gas guzzler when he ran for president. the current owner bought it at
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a chicago area showroom. ebay posting includes the registration and so far, no offers have been made. how about air quality numbers at your fingertips? the epa has come up with a new smartphone app. the free air now app for apple and android lets users put in the zip code and get smog levels from good, moderate, down to hazardous so you get the full range. from air quality to weather it was almost like it was flirting with us. it was sort of cloudy, cool, maybe rain was coming but -- no. >> and hazy as well, right? and that has been the temptation as far as the rain is concerned and even if we do see any kind of rain showers from this area of low pressure that's on approach, it will not be a game changer. less than .05." official sundown at 5:31. sun-up at 7:14 tomorrow. we're not going to see it.
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staying mostly cloudy tonight, overnight, temperature-wise right now into the 50s after highs today from 57 degrees in hayward to 66 degrees and that was experienced in gilroy. tonight overnight, 38 degrees to 47 degrees in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco. low 40s common across the santa clara valley. check the haze as we take a sneak peek out from dublin into the danville area. pockets of fog, drizzle at the coast. then your extended forecast from thursday on, nothing but unseasonably mild conditions. area of low pressure on approach falling apart at the seams as it banks up against the ridge of high pressure that's been providing us with the dry conditions. again, if we see anything from this system, it will be like a drive-by shower. just passing by very rapidly.
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this is our futurecast right there. maybe not enough to wet sidewalk. then rerapidly clear out under the influence of a huge dome of high pressure that will cause untemperatures to be unseasonably mild. and we need some rain by now. san jose 31% of normal. last year at this time we were at 76% of normal. temperatures tomorrow into the 50s and 60s. a little bit warmer than today. we'll tag a couple of degrees on. 63 degrees in morgan hill, east of the bay 62 in napa and low 60s throughout tri-valley. winds onshore out of the west up to 15 miles per hour. rotating offshorer by thursday through the weekend. upper 60s and low 70s will be common anywhere from about morgan hill, gilroy to the south. by next week we'll want to use the air quality app because
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we'll have smog with this offshore flow. >> thank you. coming up, new insight into a child's mind. how a sense of humor is developed.
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development. a sense of humor is an important part of emotional help, relationships even brain development. dr. kim explains new research looking into how humor activates different areas in a child's brain. reporter: for 6-year-old matt, 10-year-old nicholas -- >> it's annoying. >> reporter: -- and even president obama -- >> because milk was somehow classified as an oil and with a rule like that i guess it was worth crying overspilt milk. >> reporter: -- a sense of humor comes in handy. >> humor is your entryway into the social world in many respects. >> reporter: for this neuroscientist, humor is a serious matter. >> i think humor helps you be
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resilient. it helps you cope with stressful circumstances. >> reporter: now new research from stanford shows that som of the brain's circuitry that responds to humor in adults already exists in 6 to 12-year- olds. >> it's already present in children ages 6 to 12. so that's really interesting. >> reporter: ford study kids watched short video clips while their brains were scanned with a functional scanner. it's where your brain processes incongruity or surprise. >> a lot of humor is in fact incongruity so you expect something to happen and then all of a sudden there's a twist, right? something completely different happens. and that's what makes many jokes really funny. [ laughter ] >> reporter: reese speculates that the better you handle humorous surprises the better you may handle the challenges
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of life. >> how does a brain that processes humor more effectively or more robustly, how does that correlate with a child's quality of life, with their temperament, with their adaptation to stress? >> more. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as max and nicholas already seem to know, when live gives you lemons, make lemonade. so are some people just born with a great sense of humor? probably not. dr. reese says sense of humor like other complex human traits is part nature, part nurture. you might have a biological predisposition, but the right environment, you can refine it. and i'd say given the stressful times, we might all benefit from a little more humor. >> they made the brothers laugh. that was the funniest thing to them better than any video. >> it's still funny. watching that tape.
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thanks, kim.
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for eyewitness news at 6. i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. is california running out of cash to pay the bills? what's sending the state into an immediate multi-billion- dollar deficit. and reading brains to eavesdrop on what we hear. the bay area breakthrough that could one day help stroke victims speak. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> see you then. next, the "cbs


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